Pre-K Class

Daily Routine and Class

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 AM – 2 PM

Daily Routine


Welcome children, sign in, find cubbies and check school bags. We are encouraging them to be responsible and independent. Manipulative toys are placed around the room and are used to help develop fine motor skills. Miss Donna will use this time to check homework one on one with the children, practice formation of numbers and letters using white boards and chalk boards or help individuals that may need a little extra attention.


Circle Time

We introduce the jobs and helpers, say the Pledge of Allegiance,talk about the weather, do calendar activities and discuss the day’s topic. We introduce letter activities,letter table, stories are read, use of flannel board and large group discussion.


Large Group Instruction

This is when we complete letter formation papers and phonics papers. We do this as a large group to prepare for Kindergarten. Miss Wendy and Miss Donna work together to help the children complete the task.


Snack Set- Up/Music


Snack/Look Books




Talk about next activities


Dramatic Play/Center Time

The children work in small groups with Miss Wendy to complete a project using a variety of art mediums and techniques. They are also learning to listen and follow directions. Miss Donna will work on a project related to the weekly topics(noted on your monthly calendars). This time is used to introduce a new skill or assess those already introduced. The children are also engaged in more dramatic/imaginative play.


Clean up and Hand washing/library




Literature Activities, Science, Large Group Teaching Activities


Games/Music/Extra Time Outside


Closing and Dismissal

Pre-K Objectives

Academic/Cognitive Skills

  • Count and recognize numbers 1 through 20
  • Recognize and repeat patterns
  • Name colors and shapes
  • Classify and sort objects
  • Positional Concepts (over-under, in-out, up-down)
  • Compare objects
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cause and effect
  • Develop one-to-one correspondence skills
  • Write and recognize their name
  • Recognize peer’s names
  • Name and associate a letter and its sound
  • Name days of the week and months of the year
  • Recite address and telephone number
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Science Activities
  • Literature

Social and Emotional Development

  • Recognition and management of feelings
  • Follow rules and routines
  • Demonstrate respect and kindness to others
  • Develop self-help skills
  • Develop skills to solve conflict
  • Show ability to share

Physical Development

  • Demonstrate the ability to control scissors and glue
  • Develop fine motor skills needed to zipper, snap and button clothing
  • Develop motor skills needed to hop, skip, and pedal a bike
  • Demonstrate the ability to balance on one foot
  • Develop hand-eye coordination